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Hismith 3.5" Suction Cup Adapter With KlicLok Connector, Designed For Hismith Sex Machine Device, Improved Version

  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: This allows a Hismith owner the ability to attach any 3.5" dildo or compatible sex toy to their device to increase their pleasure and options.
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Hismith’s patented KlicLok system enables you to attach and lock your sex toys in place with a simple click.
  • NO SCREW HOLE DESIGN: Compare to the previous, we update this dildo holder in both material and process, so no more air leakage anxiety.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made out of 304 stainless steel, bright finish surface treatment for long-lasting use.
  • DISCREET PACKAGING: Hismith takes every customer's privacy seriously, with no sensitive words on the package box.

The Sex Machine suction adapter is a high quality, affordable sex tool. It is electro polished for a super smooth surface, you can use it as a mirror. It fits for hard lock KlicLok connector sex machine, and any size dildo with a powerful suction can be perfect fit for this adapter, so you are not tied down to one particular size dildo.and you don't need to buy addtional dildo to enjoy the sex machine pleasure. you can take any dildo you have to lock it on you sex machine, then start a unbelievable sex journey. What are you waiting for? Come on, you won't be disappointed.


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Hismith 3.5" Suction Cup...

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